Increase Flow to Get More Done in Less Time

I started doing rituals a few years back because it was a recurring suggestion I heard from some of the most successful people around me.  At first it was basic and easy stuff and took me about 15 to 20 minutes each morning and then about 10 minutes at night before bed.  The interesting thing was that as I started doing them I got better and better results in my life.  When I missed them my daily performance went down and I didn’t feel as great throughout the day.  So I kind of became addicted to them.  Now three years later I am in the place where they have evolved drastically and I am much much better at the process…practice actually works!  The dilemma I still bump into a little bit now is whether I should do the 3 hour process I have each morning or cut it short sometimes so I can get started on the day full of work and things needing to get done.

(The answer I came up with is in the video)

So that’s my latest take on it.  I have reaffirmed this to myself many times by experimenting with the order of what I do and cutting certain things out and at this point all of the data and results tell me it is worth the investment of time and energy.  The return on investment of due to the increased quality and focus I get on my work and day is unparalleled when I don’t do it.

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