Monthly Archives: May 2017

In order to achieve the big goals you have you must stop and smell the roses once in a while.  It may feel like you don’t have the time to enjoy life because there is an endless amount of things to get done on your to do list.  It may feel counterintuitive to flow and create and put in some self care time for yourself.  It’s not.  In fact the opposite is true.  Don’t fall into the story most people get caught in, “Once I achieve ‘x’ then I will feel ‘y positive emotion’.”  You must flip the equation so instead of achieving to be happy …. you happily achieve.  Start from abundance, flow and creativity and you can still hustle and work towards your goals.  Here’s what will happen:

  1. You will achieve them with more joy and effectiveness
  2. You will realize some of the goals you had you actually didn’t want, they were just escapes to distract you from focusing on what you truly want because of fear of being in that state of abundance and flow
  3. You will be more fulfilled

Remember life is about fulfillment and giving back, whatever that means to you.  You achieve and grow so you can lead a life of love, contribution and fulfillment.

Every time you earn a dollar you should allocate where each penny will go.  At least 10% should be invested in assets like the stock market, real estate, bonds etc.  You should tithe (give to charity) another 10%.  Most of us are so blessed to be in the positions we are no matter how bad they may seem at the time when you look at the bigger picture.  When you give away 10% of your income you remind yourself of all the abundance around you and you train your brain that there is more than enough.  Most people do the opposite, they hold onto what they have and live in scarcity always wanting more and nothing they have or will get is never enough.  Wealth is a mindset.  The more you give and train yourself to live in an abundance mindset the more you will reap.  You should also save 10% of your earnings because you want to have at least 6 months of living expenses saved up that you can fall back on.  Use 5-10% of your money to celebrate and reward yourself for the hard work you put in to earn the money.  This trains your brain to enjoy the process of working hard and it conditions you to understand the better work you do the more you get to have some fun.

Most people say they don’t want to have any problems.  They say their life would be perfect if they didn’t have problems.  Imagine if you didn’t have any problems…. you would be BORED out of your mind!  Problems are a sign of life.  They are meant to challenge you and make you grow.

Your focus should be on trading your low quality problems for high quality problems.  When you earn the income you want, grow your business, create the body you want, create the relationship you want etc. you will have more problems and they will be bigger!

So don’t try to get rid of your problems.  Rather be grateful for them.  A majority of the population of this planet would love to have your problems.  Once you start to appreciate all the problems you have you can then become curious about them and start to solve them.  Gratitude and abundance beget more gratitude and abundance.  Start to cultivate gratitude, appreciation and abundance in your life and see how it transforms.

The best master is the best servant.  When I work with people I see them as my friends.  I see them as my boss.  I see them as my partner.  I see them as my employee.  I see them as a human being on the planet.  The common thread between all of these different roles in relationship is the desire to really meet the persons needs at the highest level.  It really helps me to think of the person I am doing a deal with as my boss where my focus is on really making her feel that I am world class at what I do and have them leave feeling like they just had the most stellar experience of their life.

Interacting with people is also like a massage.  I want to have them feel like it is a pleasurable experience.  To feel grateful to have had the opportunity to communicate with me.  There are the painful parts that feel good in the strangest way.  And there are the pure bliss parts for the value each person brings to the interaction and the communion of the two.

There is no need for communication to be challenging.  Once we realize this the walls can fall and flow can enter more easily.  We are all on the same team.  We want the same things although it may not always look like it on a micro level.  So try to shift the perspective maybe you have with a stranger, a co-worker, an enemy, a lover and see if it makes life a little more alive.