Everyone is On Your Team

The best master is the best servant.  When I work with people I see them as my friends.  I see them as my boss.  I see them as my partner.  I see them as my employee.  I see them as a human being on the planet.  The common thread between all of these different roles in relationship is the desire to really meet the persons needs at the highest level.  It really helps me to think of the person I am doing a deal with as my boss where my focus is on really making her feel that I am world class at what I do and have them leave feeling like they just had the most stellar experience of their life.

Interacting with people is also like a massage.  I want to have them feel like it is a pleasurable experience.  To feel grateful to have had the opportunity to communicate with me.  There are the painful parts that feel good in the strangest way.  And there are the pure bliss parts for the value each person brings to the interaction and the communion of the two.

There is no need for communication to be challenging.  Once we realize this the walls can fall and flow can enter more easily.  We are all on the same team.  We want the same things although it may not always look like it on a micro level.  So try to shift the perspective maybe you have with a stranger, a co-worker, an enemy, a lover and see if it makes life a little more alive.

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