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Want to get more done?  We all do and most people say the same thing, “there just isn’t enough time!”  Well here is a suggestion for you.   Schedule in a FREE day in your calendar.  Mine is once per week, Saturday, where I get to do whatever I want with my time that day.  No shoulds, have to’s, musts or what ifs.  I give myself the day to do whatever my heart desires.  Now it sounds a bit paradoxical for a high achiever to give a full day off to celebrate and enjoy life and one would think he/she would not get as much done.  Here’s why it is actually beneficial and you will get more done.

You will refuel your tank from the hustle you put in the rest of the week

You will be able to psychologically go harder when you do work because your brain knows it has a full day to play as much as it wants

You will teach your brain that when you work really hard there is a reward for that

It is hard for most people to switch gears.  Once we get revved up and are firing on all cylinders we usually want to stay in type A high octane let’s get shit done mode.  However, studies show that being able to trigger flow states which are at lower brain wave frequencies put you in a 5x more productive mindset because you are in a flow state.  It is like flying above the clouds and being able to see things from a higher perspective and it makes things effortless to get done.  As crazy as this may sound the only way to see if it is right for you is to test it.  So here’s what I suggest:

Choose one day each week to be your absolutely free day.  That means turn off your phone, absolutely no work, no business, limit technology use.  Your purpose is to enjoy the day by yourself or with people you care to be around.  Decide to do it for the next four weeks and notice how the rest of your week turns out.  Remember when taking on new behavior like this it may take time to get used to so the key is to not get discouraged when you veer off the tracks which you most likely will.  The trick is to have fun with it and be playful.

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