How to Follow Through on Your Vision

A client asked me the other day, “How do I keep my eye on the prize….physically, mentally, emotionally?”  It hit home for me because it was something I had lots of challenges with and I still do once in a while.  As you get higher and higher on your climb of your mountain of success the challenges will get harder and harder.  Just like in a video game the levels get more and more difficult.  The good part is that you also get better and better!

The first step is getting clear on your vision.  What do you really want?  Not what you think you should do to get approval from others like your family, friends or society.  What do you truly want deep down in your heart?  The more you ask yourself this question the clearer your answer will be and it will be a continuously evolving process as you grow and start to achieve your goals.  The deeper anchor behind what you want is….why?  What’s the reason you want it?  You want to make sure it’s an empowering and inspiring purpose that is good for you and others and will fuel you to pull through the hard times because they are inevitable.  Have you ever heard/watched/read a story that shows the hero/ine rise straight to the top without any pain, struggle and hardship.  If you did it was probably really boring.

The reason we have the pain is because that is our workout to get stronger and become a bigger person.  And the reason of becoming a bigger person is so you can give back and contribute more to those following in your footsteps.  What’s your legacy?  Will you be a warning or an example?

What you need to do is set up a life and daily workout program that consists of the specific/consistent actions/rituals you will take every day to create the results you want and more importantly help you become who you need to become.  What do you need to do in each area of your life (physical, emotional, relationships, time, financial, mission/career, contribution, spirituality, celebration) every day to create your version of a successful life?  It’s not set in stone…if something isn’t working you can change it to something that is working better for you.  And it will change inevitably as you grow and become stronger.  The key is to test things out and see what works for you.  Your rituals will evolve and you will refine and innovate them.

That being said, all this talk needs some action behind it.  So….

What are one or two daily rituals in each area of your life you can put in place to get the results you want?  What is your formula for your success?

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