6 Things to Become World Class

The best in the world aren’t lucky.  They are prepared and they work their butts off every single day…day in and day out.  The cool thing about life is that everything is a skill which means that with the right strategy and practice you can become great at anything.  However the reason most people don’t become masters at most things is because they are unwilling to put in the hard work and then come up with stories of how things outside of their control are stopping them.

To be great at anything you must treat it like a world class athlete trains for the Olympics.  They do not mess around and they make sacrifices to become great.  Here’s a good example from my friend and coach Jairek Robbins of 6 things world class performers do each day to be at the top of their games:

  1. Training 2-5 hours per day
  2. Visualizing (20+ min per day)
  3. Weights 1 hr per day or every other day
  4. Race/Competition (about once per month)
  5. Peer group (hang out with other world-class athletes)
  6. Adapted training (they go train in places that they are going to be racing… i.e. mountains, snow, hills, flats…etc.)

Imagine how great you could become if you approached your vision with that type of regimen day in and day out.  You will become unstoppable and more importantly you will have an inner sense of joy and pride that remains within you for eternity.

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