Meditation with Muse HeadBand

I started meditating about 3 years ago.

I did it because I heard of amazing benefits from successful people I admire.

I didn’t take a class or pay thousands of dollars for a mantra.

I just started closing my eyes, sitting still and tried quieting my mind.

I also had nice background music to calm my brain waves.

Recently I discovered the Muse Headband from my friend and coach Jairek Robbins and it has helped me take my meditation game way up.

Here’s a video I made about it:


For those of you interested in being part of my Life Performance Team it’s only $20 per month and we have a bi-weekly one hour google hangout session.  We don’t allow anyone in the group as you must add value and contribute.  Each call is dedicated to one specific area of life (fitness/health, relationships, finances, mission, spiritual, fun etc.) and how to use the mind and body to optimize your life.

We are also going to have a Mind and Body Restoration Retreat Grand Teton this Summer!

It’s in part of the Rocky Mountains in Northwest Wyoming and looks over Jacksonhole Valley.  It’s part of Yellowstone National Park too!




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