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What are you doing to get better each day?

One of the biggest challenges I used to have personally and I see show up with most people is the desire to get to a place in life where you no longer need to put in the work to become better.  They want to

People want to have tons of money so they can sit down and do nothing all day.

People want to go to the gym for one weekend and be fit for life.

People want to be in their dream intimate relationship and have all their needs met and be fulfilled by their partner rather than thinking about how they can give and meet the needs of their partner.

People want to reach the pinnacle of success in their careers without putting in the work and be like the ‘overnight’ success stories they hear about and not put in the work to keep on innovating and creating.

The two main motivating forces driving this behavior is the human needs for certainty and significance.

We have a need to feel safe and secure for our survival which is very important.  The challenge that is where most people go all the time out of their fear rather than stepping out of their comfort zone into the realm of uncertainty.

We also have a need to feel special and important which is also valuable.  The challenge here is most people get addicted to this feeling which is why you see so many people in our culture wanting to be instafamous.  What they really want is a sense of love they feel they are missing and are driven by their fear of not being enough so they overcompensate on trying to be significant because they think the attention will give them the love they desire deep down in their heart.  It actually does the opposite because when you are so special and significant it separates you and those you want to be more connected and share love with.

So why am I saying all this?

Because in order to live the lives we truly desire we need to step out of our comfort zones a little more each and every day.  It never stops as long as you want to keep on growing and live an expansive life with rich experiences.  Every day in our health, relationships, career, finances, spirituality, contribution to the world we must grow and step a little more into the unknown.  The training never stops.  The reason we must grow is ultimately so we have more to GIVE which brings true fulfillment in life.

Here’s a short clip from a talk I did with Carlson Gracie MMA for their athletes and coaches on stepping out of our comfort zones into the realm of uncertainty each day.  Enjoy!


Key take aways from the video:

Nothing in life stays the same.

You are either growing or dying.

You are either moving forward or getting left behind.

Your past does not equal your future unless you choose to live there.

What’s one small thing you will do to step out of your comfort zone?  Take action now!  Comment below!

My good friend Landan Laurusaitis has been working professionally in the fitness industry for over 15 years.

I met him at Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery event in Las Vegas when he decided to raise his hand to have an intervention with Tony in front of 5,000 people.  Most people wouldn’t want to be the center of attention in a room full of 5,000 people to discuss what’s going on in their business/life let alone have Tony Robbins be the person digging in with you.

He’s been a top group fitness trainer at the Equinox in Palo Alto, CA and his classes were virtually always packed with a waitlist.

He decided to start his own place to serve the needs of the Palo Alto bigwigs in the tech industry named ‘The Performist.’

His classes are intense and full of energy.  They are more of an experience than a fitness class and that’s what pulls people to see him in action.

His mantra is, “Get Better.”

That’s his goal for his classes, for his students and most importantly for himself.

Here’s a video I made with him a couple years ago when I was in Palo Alto about cryotherapy and fitness tips from an expert.  Enjoy!

“Cryotherapy is like pressing your body’s reset button. You’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated and energized!”

Here are a few of the benefits of cryotherapy:

  • Feel Better
  • Reduce Pain and Fatigue
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Burn Calories

Comment below on your experience with cryotherapy or if you haven’t tried it are you going to give it a shot?


If you’re anything like me when you travel you have a tough time keeping your workout routine.  There’s so much fun stuff to do, excitement and yummy new food to eat.

The workouts seem to get pushed aside until I’m back to my normal routine back home.

Some of the thoughts that I have:

“There’s too much fun stuff to do, why am I going to exercise?”

“I’ve already eaten so much unhealthy food I might as well throw in the towel and forget the workouts also!”

I’ve come to learn after many experiences of this repeated pattern that I feel better and enjoy my trips way more when I keep my workout routine while traveling.

So for me that means everyday I do something for 20 minutes or more to nurture, strengthen or revitalize my body.  The list of options includes:




Foam rolling


Weight lifting

Body weight strength training

Playing basketball, tennis, or some other sport.

The video below shows a simple 15 minute workout I put together in while traveling in Puerto Rico.


Remember it’s not so much what you actually do.  It’s more important that you consistently do something every day!

Unless you are a professional athlete or training for something specific you don’t need to get caught up in the perfect workout program.

The main objective is to do something that keeps you healthy, strong, energized and revitalized.  And the best way to do that is to do something you ENJOY!

If you don’t enjoy running don’t do it!  Go dance if that’s what you like doing.  You can jump rope, ride a bicycle, do yoga, martial arts etc.  The options are endless.

It is your job to be creative and come up with something you enjoy.  Most people are confused in that they have this false belief that in order for something to be beneficial it has to be painful and unenjoyable.  That is not true.  Yes there will be challenging times but the most successful people are in FLOW with what they are doing.  Let your analytical left brain relax and tap into your creative child like right brain and see how much easier it is.


Leave a comment below on what your favorite ways to workout are while traveling.  Or if you haven’t been doing enjoyable workouts comment on what you will try next to make your travel workouts more enjoyable!


If you saw my previous post on the vegetables I use in my green juice here is the next step!

How do I actually turn them into green juice?

It’s simple.

All you need is a juicer and 10 minutes.

The video below shows how it’s done.


For those of you interested in getting a juicer like the one I have in the video I posted the link for it below:

Here’s the Omega Juicer I use to make my juices.

It is absolutely worth the investment to get it.

A bottle of quality juice on average is $10.

I spend $40/week on the ingredients for my juices and I make 2 per day.

That means I get 14 juices per week.

$40/14 juices equals $2.85 per juice instead of $10 * 14 at $140 per week.

Even if you drink one per day that’s going to make you the investment on the juicer back in a few weeks.

On top of that here are the other ways I save money:

I eat less

I have more energy and get more stuff done

I think more clearly

My skin is clear so I don’t have to spend money on stuff to clean my skin

My blood is detoxified so I’m healthier and have less need to see a doctor

My body holds on to less fat (greens are alkaline and fat is acidic)

Here’s what I suggest to you if you want to try juicing out.  Do an experiment for 30 days and make or buy yourself one green juice per day.  If you notice the difference in your energy levels and you like the way you feel you can decide if you want to continue.

Comment below and tell me if you’re going to try it out!



Energy is life!

Energy is charisma!

Energy is emotion!

Energy is creation!

How do you get more energy in your life?


Plants are the source of nutritional energy for all creatures.  They photosynthesize sunlight for us to thrive!

I made a video below to see the ingredients I use in my go to green juice:


Here’s the list of vegetables I use most regularly in my green juice:




Swiss Chard






In case you were wondering about my awesome glasses you can see the video about them here:

Video about awesome glasses

If you want to buy them you can do that here:

Get awesome glasses to sleep better

Comment below if you are going to try out these vegetables in your next juice.



Do you ever wonder how some people are able to accomplish so much while others are constantly grinding away and seem to be getting nothing important done?

Even more the people who make things happen seem to still have more time to travel, enjoy life and spend time with their family and friends.

They don’t have more time.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

They have a system.

A system to manage their minds.  Because what is time anyway?

Time is EMOTION.

If you can learn to manage your emotions and your mind then time is malleable and you can get those seemingly impossible projects done and get more done in a year than most people get done in a lifetime!

I created this video below that explains it in more detail:



Here’s a quick recap of the process:


Step 1: 

Capture, write down everything you have to do.

This is usually most people’s overwhelming to do list.

Step 2:

Review last week.

What went great?  What were the highlights…success can only build on success

What did you learn?

What can you do better?

Step 3:

Set up your outcome blocks.

How much time will each one take (this can be over the course of many weeks for one project)

What are the top 3 outcomes you have for the week?

Step 4:

Schedule them in your calendar and how much time they will take to complete.

Step 5:

Be flexible and come up with your plan in case life happens and you need to change your approach.


Post below your top 3 outcomes and action steps to achieve them and we will send the top two posts our DreamOSLabs t shirts anywhere in the world.


I’ve been getting my feet wet in the crypto world.  I invested a small amount that I am willing and able to totally part with if anything happens in the volatile world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.  I hesitate to even call it investing as cryptocurrencies are highly speculative and pretty much nobody knows much about it.

So why would I get into this?  Because I believe in the blockchain technology behind it and I also enjoy watching the markets and trading from time to time.  Bitcoin could be worth $100,000 one day or it is highly possible bitcoin and all the alt coins get totally wiped out in the next few years.

I’m not a registered investment advisor so take this all with a grain of salt, along with anyone else you talk to.  Even a professional because everyone’s advice is filtered through their beliefs and values so you need to do what is in line with your own beliefs and values.  Most investment advisors would not even talk with you about cryptocurrencies as even Warren Buffett thinks it is a big waste of time.  If the Oracle of Omaha is against crypto that is a big red flag and has swayed a lot of my own optimism about it.

Despite all this I still choose to play in the crypto world for the reasons I mentioned above.  For people who do want to get into crypto the first place most get started is with Coinbase.  It is an online platform that brokers exchanges of the main cryptos Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin and has over 13 million users.  From there if you want to get into alt coins and make trades there are other exchanges that have access to more coins.  Three of the top ones are Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX – a product of Coinbase), Bittrex and Binance.  The one I use is Binance.

Here’s how I transfer funds from my Coinbase account to Binance so I can make trades with other coins:



Go to your Coinbase account and then at the top of your screen select accounts.

If you’re on mobile then Accounts will be at the bottom of your screen.



Choose the cryptocurrency that you want to send from your wallets.



Now you have to enter the address that is found in your Binance account.

If you’re on mobile tap on the little paper airplane icon on the top right hand side of your screen.

Then enter the amount you want to send.

To find this address go into your Binance account

Select funds at the top of your screen (or at the bottom if you’re on mobile) and then tap on deposits withdrawals.

On mobile it’s just Deposit at the top.

Tap on deposit on the cryptocurrency you’re transferring and then get the deposit address.



Enter the deposit address that you just got right under recipient in your Coinbase.

Choose the amount you want to send.

On mobile add the address that you just got and then hit send and you’re done!



Hit continue and make sure to check all the details of the transaction and then complete the send.