You are Either Growing or Dying


What are you doing to get better each day?

One of the biggest challenges I used to have personally and I see show up with most people is the desire to get to a place in life where you no longer need to put in the work to become better.  They want to

People want to have tons of money so they can sit down and do nothing all day.

People want to go to the gym for one weekend and be fit for life.

People want to be in their dream intimate relationship and have all their needs met and be fulfilled by their partner rather than thinking about how they can give and meet the needs of their partner.

People want to reach the pinnacle of success in their careers without putting in the work and be like the ‘overnight’ success stories they hear about and not put in the work to keep on innovating and creating.

The two main motivating forces driving this behavior is the human needs for certainty and significance.

We have a need to feel safe and secure for our survival which is very important.  The challenge that is where most people go all the time out of their fear rather than stepping out of their comfort zone into the realm of uncertainty.

We also have a need to feel special and important which is also valuable.  The challenge here is most people get addicted to this feeling which is why you see so many people in our culture wanting to be instafamous.  What they really want is a sense of love they feel they are missing and are driven by their fear of not being enough so they overcompensate on trying to be significant because they think the attention will give them the love they desire deep down in their heart.  It actually does the opposite because when you are so special and significant it separates you and those you want to be more connected and share love with.

So why am I saying all this?

Because in order to live the lives we truly desire we need to step out of our comfort zones a little more each and every day.  It never stops as long as you want to keep on growing and live an expansive life with rich experiences.  Every day in our health, relationships, career, finances, spirituality, contribution to the world we must grow and step a little more into the unknown.  The training never stops.  The reason we must grow is ultimately so we have more to GIVE which brings true fulfillment in life.

Here’s a short clip from a talk I did with Carlson Gracie MMA for their athletes and coaches on stepping out of our comfort zones into the realm of uncertainty each day.  Enjoy!


Key take aways from the video:

Nothing in life stays the same.

You are either growing or dying.

You are either moving forward or getting left behind.

Your past does not equal your future unless you choose to live there.

What’s one small thing you will do to step out of your comfort zone?  Take action now!  Comment below!

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