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I visited the Colosseum in Rome last week.

It was stunning to say the least.

Seeing the lower level where the gladiators trained and prepared for battle caught my attention.  It made me think how we must train our minds to be our best each and every single day.



Just like you wouldn’t expect to go to the gym or take a yoga class once and be fit for the rest of your life.

It is not a good strategy to expect your mind and emotions to just be the way you want them to be without doing anything to make them that way.

Most people expect life to just work out and allow things to unfold getting tossed around in the sea of life without taking control of the wheel (their mind) and directing where they want to go.  Become the captain of your ship.



Rather than expecting things to happen for you and being a creature of circumstance you must step up and become the creator of your circumstance and live life on your terms.


Key takeaways from the video:

We must train our minds like we go to the gym.

Successful people aren’t lucky. They train themselves to be, do and feel the way they want.

You can change the channel of your experience of life like changing the channel on the TV.

If it’s not working that means it’s working.

Trade your expectations for appreciation.

The beginning of suffering is expectation.

The end of suffering is appreciation.

Gratitude is a practice.

Training your mind is a practice.

What do you do to train your mind each day?  Comment below!

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I just finished UnleashThePower Within with Tony Robbins in Chicago.

It was amazing as usual.

I had the opportunity to sit down with a good friend and National Speaker and Trainer for Tony Robbins to talk about sales and marketing.

He travels to a new city in the United States every 4 months to speak and train audiences and uses the skill of influence to buy a ticket on the spot ($695 minimum) to attend Unleash The Power Within.

As great as Tony is, it is still very challenging to convince anyone to pull out their credit card on the spot and sign up.

It takes a solid skill set to influence people to take action in any business to buy your product or service.  As you can imagine Tony Robbins is a master and he trains his team at the highest level.

Stephen is also a master of marketing.

Peter Drucker, the world renowned management consultant at Harvard says all business is two things, marketing and innovation.

If you can identify your ideal client and get them to ‘raise their hand’ to say they are interested in your irresistible offer you have essentially cracked the code to generate an abundant flow of qualified leads for your business.

There are some golden nuggets in this video that you can apply to your business and life.  Enjoy!


Takeaways from the video:

Hard work

Less skill set.  Put in extra hours.

Marketing and follow up

Automate repetetive processes

Standards as you get better

Influence permeates through every area of your life

2 Big Keys to Influence:

Learn to communicate more effectively

Ask the right questions

Systems takes the emotion out of it

HILA:  High intention.  Low attachment.

Constantly innovate and make your product/service better

Every marketing message answers:

What do you offer people?

What are you going to do for them?

How can they get it now?

If you want to get in touch with Stephen you can check out his website:

How can you implement these skills in your work/business?  Comment below!

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I had a great talk the other day with my friend Dr Abrar Husain.

He is a family practice physician and specializes in weight loss for his clients.

He has helped some of his clients lose up to 300+ lbs!  He knows a thing or two about diet and nutrition.

A topic I’ve been interested in learning more about has been intermittent fasting.

It’s one of the primary ways movie stars cut up for their superhero roles.

Some of the benefits of intermittent fasting:

Lose body fat percentage

Use fat as fuel

Look better faster

Lengthen lifespan

Decrease disease

We go into it here on this video (key takeaways from the video are below).


Key takeaways from video:

Beginners should start with 16 hour fast 8 hour eating window.

Generally stop eating 9pm although you can structure the times however works best for you.

The next level of IF (intermittent fasting) would be 20/4.  20 hours fasting, 4 hour eating window.

Sleep time counts as fasting.

Water and coffee are ok during the fast.

Avoid sugar as it sugar spikes insulin which causes you to absorb fat.

Workout before you break your fast.  Heavier weights or cardio 30 min in target HR (heart rate) zone.  Causes you to go into gluconeogenesis where your body produces more energy from liver, using fat as energy source.

During the eating window stay low carbohydrate intake.

If you want to put on muscle mass eat 1 gram protein per pound of body weight within the eating window.

Make it a lifestyle.  Dr. Abrar does it 3-4 times a week.

If you want to connect with Dr Abrar you can via his LinkedIn

As with anything I suggest you experiment for yourself and see if it works for you.  Set up a timeline on when and how long you will try it out and measure the results.

Have you tried intermittent fasting before?  If you haven’t are you going to give it a shot?

Comment below!

Here’s an awesome interview I did with my good friend Sarah Ann Haugen right after I took her yoga class at Yoga Source in Palo Alto.

She is the founder of Vitalist Superfood her latest product line of blended whole food cleanses, healthy junk food hacks, gluten free snacks, and nutrient rich meals.

She’s been a superfood celebrity chef for 17+ years, kundalini yoga teacher, and superfood gourmet cuisine creator – she’s committed to her client’s looking and feeling well.  She sources incredible ingredients, stabilizes them with symbiotic minerals, and increases their digestibility and bioavailability to the body. Her whole food blends are a bit of a marvel, exploding with taste while resting in the reassurance of nutrient richness.

I had her smoothie and it was THE BEST.  It was delicious and I felt my body becoming more energized as I took each sip.

In the video she drops some pearls of wisdom from all her years of working in the industry with the best of the best. She shows us simple yoga poses to improve our wellness as well as something delicious we can easily make for ourselves as home.  Enjoy!


Have you done yoga/raw food diet/fasting before?  None?  All of the above?  Comment below and let us know!