Yoga, Raw Food and Fasting with Sarah Ann Haugen

Here’s an awesome interview I did with my good friend Sarah Ann Haugen right after I took her yoga class at Yoga Source in Palo Alto.

She is the founder of Vitalist Superfood her latest product line of blended whole food cleanses, healthy junk food hacks, gluten free snacks, and nutrient rich meals.

She’s been a superfood celebrity chef for 17+ years, kundalini yoga teacher, and superfood gourmet cuisine creator – she’s committed to her client’s looking and feeling well.  She sources incredible ingredients, stabilizes them with symbiotic minerals, and increases their digestibility and bioavailability to the body. Her whole food blends are a bit of a marvel, exploding with taste while resting in the reassurance of nutrient richness.

I had her smoothie and it was THE BEST.  It was delicious and I felt my body becoming more energized as I took each sip.

In the video she drops some pearls of wisdom from all her years of working in the industry with the best of the best. She shows us simple yoga poses to improve our wellness as well as something delicious we can easily make for ourselves as home.  Enjoy!


Have you done yoga/raw food diet/fasting before?  None?  All of the above?  Comment below and let us know!

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