The Determining Factor Behind Your Results in Life

If you’re working hard to create a result in your life but struggle to make it happen.  There’s one reason that’s holding you back.

Your beliefs.

We have an internal blueprint for every area of our life that is the cause for what we have currently produced in life.

Everything you have created so far in life in your health, intimate relationship, finances and business are a byproduct of your belief systems.

The crazy part is most people are totally oblivious about the beliefs that are determining every action and decision they make.  They are walking around unconscious and at the whim of their past conditioning and circumstances life throws at them.

Here’s a short clip from a talk I did with the Gracie Brazilian jiu jitsu team:

Nothing with change until you change.

In order to do something you haven’t done you have to be someone you haven’t been!

Here are a few simple steps to shift a disempowering belief:

1.) Create awareness.  What’s an area of life you are struggling with?  What is a situation you find yourself not being your best?  There is a limiting belief there.  Write down whatever comes up.

2.)  Question the limiting belief.  Is it true?

Example:  It’s bad to make a lot of money

Is it true?  Are there people who do great work in the world who make billions of dollars?
Yes there are lots of people who do and impact the world.  They are a force for good and use their money as a tool to create empowering change.

3.) Create a new empowering belief.

Example:  Money is a powerful tool to make the world a better place and create positive change.

4.)  Look for reference experiences to support that new belief.

Were there times you’ve seen money used in a good way by someone who had a lot of it?

Have you ever used your money to help others?

Find someone living by the empowering belief and be around them as the experience will challenge your current limiting belief system.

5.)  Condition it.

Write the new belief and put it on your wall.

Repeat it out loud and engage your body and voice to drive it deep in your nervous system so you never forget.

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