Tool to Make Difficult Decisions

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Have you recently been faced with making a tough decision? How did you make it?

The decisions we make and don’t make shape our lives.

We’ve all been faced with the challenge of making a difficult decision in the past.

I’d be curious to know how you deal with them. Do you have a specific strategy or methodology you use?

We also have many more difficult decisions in our future. The more successful we become and the more responsibility we take on as we grow, the more difficult decisions that we can count on coming our way in the future.

While it is ideal to automate your decision-making and make them at a high level so you don’t always need to keep making the same decision repeatedly and use your mental bandwidth, sometimes we must make important decisions and we need a system to do this.

Why are decisions hard to make though?

Most of the time there are two main reasons a decision is challenging to make.

One is that we have an internal values conflict. We want one thing and we also want another but they are mutually exclusive….or so we think!

The second reason is that we think we only have one or two options which leaves us in a pickle!

Watch today’s video to find out a simple, yet effective system you can use to start turning those difficult decisions into new win-win opportunities for you and everyone involved!

To your success!

Naeem Mahmood

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