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How does it feel for you to wake up in the morning?  Do you jump out of bed excited to take on the day or are you hitting the snooze button?

I was definitely hitting the snooze button!

The cool thing is I learned and trained myself to make the process enjoyable and much much easier than it used to be.

Today’s post is all about how to get up and start each day in the right frame of mind by directing your focus!

From the moment most people wake up they are on autopilot for the rest of the day.  That is they are going through their same old habituated routines they developed all through life; from their parents, experiences, society, peers etc.  

It’s time to take control of your focus especially at the most critical moment of your day….when it starts!

You want to get an edge on your day as quickly as possible before your day and life gets the edge on you.  The crazy part is the time/energy/focus stack in your favor or against you as each moment passes. Just like an NFL lineman looks to gain even the tiniest edge over his opponent off the snap, which makes a universe of a difference, you want to gain the edge on your day right away.

Another great example is compounded interest.  It can work in your favor or against you. What you want is to have the time that you invest in managing your focus/energy to start compounding in your favor from the moment you open your eyes.

Watch today’s video to find a simple and fun strategy to make your day work for you!

To your success!

Naeem Mahmood

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