Monthly Archives: May 2019

Yoga is amazing.

I highly recommend you incorporate it into your daily routine for so many reasons:

Flexibility / Mobility

Aligning your posture

Stretching / relaxing your muscles

Slowing down your mind

Getting into your body

Syncing your mind and body

It doesn’t need to be an hour class. All you have to do to start is one move! You can do downward dog for 30 seconds, upward facing dog, lunges, planks. Whatever you feel is appropriate for your mind and body.

The cool part is when you make it easy to implement in your routine you are way more likely to do it more and for a longer duration.

I’m currently doing yoga for about 20 minutes each day throughout my day. I do it for 5-10 minutes in the morning. Then again for 5-10 minutes in the afternoon and again in the evening.

I get massive benefits from it and it is so easy and makes me more productive throughout my day.

I also recently got these yoga blocks from Amazon to assist my practice as I am tall and not very mobile. It is definitely something I am working on and have made a lot of progress so far!

So give it a shot. It is linking your mind and body to work as one and you will massively improve your overall health and performance in life.

Our breath is such a powerful tool that is often underutilized.

Most people are breathing in short shallow breaths in their upper chest.

Breathing fully into your diaphragm is your body’s optimal way of functioning.

Here are two different ways you can use the tempo of your breath to create virtually immediate changes in your state of being.

The first is how to access a calm state of being.

The second is how to access a focused state of being.

Practice these throughout your day when you feel you need to shift your state or just take a pause from the day’s activities.