Do You Life Log?

I recently heard about a great concept from Ray Kurzweil who is one of the most innovative thinkers, inventors and futurists of our time. 

He has been referred to as the, “Edison of our generation.”

In fact he is responsible for the invention of Siri on the iPhone and also a big educator on the idea of the Singularity – when humans and and computers become ‘singular’. 

“A hypothetical future point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization.” – Wikipedia

Life logging is a cool way to record the events of your life so you can remember them in the future and share them with others.  

If you don’t want to do it for yourself, it’s a really cool idea to be able to have it for the people you love in the future – not for social media, but for you and your family.  

It’s a very simple concept and you can do it in different ways.  

To do it all you have to do is record whavever you want about your life.  Kind of like a life update.

They can be daily, weekly, monthly or random timeline updates, whatever comes up for you.  

Here’s three simple ways to life log:

  1. Record a video and save it on your computer, external hardrive or privately on YouTube
  2. Start a blog or journal
  3. Record audio files on your phone or audio recorder

As you do it more and more you’ll get better at conveying your stream of thoughts and you’ll also find you have more clarity.  

Some benefits I’ve found are that I’m more aware of the direction I’m moving with my life and the things I’ve done as I am forced to reflect on and articulate the experiences I’ve had.

It is also a great feedback tool for you to remember what has happened recently and keep you honest to what you are doing as someday someone you love may watch your life logs. 

Give it a shot with no expectations for a couple of months. Then review your life logs and see how you like it and decide if you want to continue.

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