Burning Man

Burning man is one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life  The beautiful spirits in the people. The mind-blowing art. The peaceful, yet harsh environment of the desert.  The radically innovative costumes. And the 10 principles it was founded upon all combine to make it a magical place.  

Over 70,000 people are preparing to make the annual pilgrimage to Black Rock Desert and erect the city that will be HOME for Burning Man.  Then after seven days and the man burns it will disappear and leave no trace that would even make a magician wonder how anything so massive and magical could have happened there.

If you haven’t been and have any interest in checking it out I suggest you do.  If you have friends or family that recommend it I suggest you take their advice.  

You get to have once in a lifetime experiences with friends, some of whom you don’t get to see that often during the year (and some only at Burning Man) as we are all busy trying to make our impact on the world.  I’ve had some of the best times of my life in the desert with old friends and new ones. Pure magical moments with people surrounded by artistic and natural beauty you can never create again. 

It is so wonderful to be able to meet new amazing humans aligned with the 10 principles.  The fact that they have decided to show up at the desert, made the trek get into Black Rock and invested thousands of dollars to get there is a great qualifier that they are aligned with a similar value system as you and you’d most likely have a great experience with them.  You know they are most likely your type of human.   

On the flip side many people NEED to go to Burning Man.  They don’t want to miss out – they want to go because everyone else is going.  It’s the current trend, the next shiny object to keep them busy and fill much needed space in their heart and mind.  

If you feel like you NEED to go then I would suggest experimenting what it’s like not going.  Often times we get addicted to people, rituals, things and even experiences like Burning Man to give us a sense of certainty and link our identity to it.  It’s the same idea of achieving goals to be happy or needing to do a certain ritual each morning to feel ready for the day. The reverse is that you want make it so you happily achieve vs. achieve to be happy.  Whatever experience you believe you will get (or be able to give) by attending you can have (or give) right now wherever you are. And that is the true practice of a master and the true message the 10 principles teach us.  We shouldn’t have to wait all year to finally practice them for a week and then forget about them until next time. Live them now and throughout your year and your entire life.  

I really want to go again for what would be my third time.  However, if I am honest with myself it isn’t the right timing for me with what I have going on at this stage of my life.  I am traveling in Asia and building my business. As a business owner making an astute business decision I do no have the bandwidth to make it there this year.  I don’t need to go to the desert to have the transformational experience that I get at Burning Man. The true transformation you get is in the gifting to others.  And that can be done right now where you are.  

The true essence of Burning Man can be practiced anywhere on the planet.  The playa is anywhere you are.

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