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The health and fitness industry is tricky to navigate. On any given topic you can find multiple experts saying completely different things. It can make you feel helpless and think there is no point in even trying. How is this possible?

A big reason for this is because people (experts included) don’t clarify their outcomes and they don’t state their underlying beliefs/assumptions behind what they are saying which absolutely has a HUGE bias on what they are saying.

When it comes to the best time of day to workout it is the same. Some experts say first thing in the morning while in a fasted state and others say at the end of the day is great. Which one is it?

If your outcomes are:

To feel great.

Have energy throughout the day.

Look great.


If you’re not a professional athlete or training for a specific sport / activity …

The best time is in the MORNING!

Why is that?


You get the benefit of compounding throughout your day from your workout. Compounding works in EVERY area of your life; not just investing your money! It also works in good ways and bad ways.

Just like with ANY important habit you want to do it right away! Syntax is super important and underrated by people. If you are making your grandma’s special homemade cake though it is critical to do things in the right order. What would happen if you waited until you baked the cake and then cracked the eggs on put them on top?!

Same with fitness, your body and your mindset. It’s a super important ingredient you want to get in as soon as possible in your day. Train your brain and nervous system to do what’s most important (especially if it’s hard) NOW!

If you’ve ever worked out early in the morning you know how great it feels to go through the rest of your day with the natural high that comes with it. The hormones are pumping through your body and your metabolism is up throughout the day. Not to mention the mental, emotional and psychological benefits of feeling like a champion athlete after crushing a solid workout.

Once you get your sweat deposits in – you walk differently, you talk differently, you show up differently.

The more you do it the more it stacks in your favor and you will become an athlete. That is what you are if you want to be successful in anything. You need to treat yourself like a world class athlete and you need ENERGY to live an epic life.

Everyone wants all the amazing things that come with a great life. Family, business success, impact, financial freedom, health and vitality, contribution, etc. but few are willing to put in the sweat deposits to create the ENERGY that is required to do all these things. Having kids alone is a huge investment of energy, let alone running a business and having a social life.

The best part is you don’t have to train every morning. You can be flexible and work out whenever you want to. Just having the intention, awareness and discipline to get your workout in early in the morning (75% of the time) is going to have a HUGE impact on your day and your life.

So my suggestion would be to make it a top priority for the next 60 days to get some sort of exercise in early in the morning before 10am. It doesn’t have to be more than 15 minutes. Go for a jog, do yoga, lift weights. The cool part is once you get going you’ll feel great and can keep going if you want or stop and get on with your day in a great state!

Go get it champion!

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Make today your masterpiece!

Naeem Mahmood

Meditation can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be.

Most people don’t even get started with it because they think there is a right way of meditating (there isn’t – anything can be meditation: walking, eating, talking, working out, having sex, playing the guitar).

I was one of these people. I heard about how great it was and all the amazing benefits successful people were getting from their meditation practice. I would even sit down and try it every now and then. But I would always stop because I had thoughts during my meditation such as:

  • “Am I doing this right?”
  • “Should I be thinking?”
  • “This is hard!”
  • “How do I stop thinking?”
  • “What should I eat after this?”
  • “Am I going to become enlightened like the Buddha?”
  • “This is boring.”
  • “I can’t believe I am doing this.”
  • “Is someone watching me and laughing?”

Even if I completed the session I wasn’t consistent with it on a regular basis because I didn’t think I was doing it right and it wasn’t working. I would meditate once every few days or every now and then when I felt like it. Low and behold I was a wannabe meditator.

Then one day I decided I would keep it as simple as possible. After all Einstein said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

I made an agreement with myself that I would set a timer on my phone for 5 minutes, sit down, close my eyes and think whatever thoughts I wanted.

I could do it whenever I wanted to during the day but the goal was to do it once per day. However, if I missed a day it wasn’t a big deal either. I kept it as loose and flexible as possible so I could build the habit. From there I knew if I got consistent with it and started receiving benefits I couldn’t help but want to do more and stick with it.

And that’s what happened. I have been meditating virtually every day for the past 6+ years. Not because I forced myself to do it but because my body and mind have become accustomed to the benefits they gained from my meditation practice (the same as if you have developed the habit of working out and now can’t go more than a couple of days without exercise).

Some of them are:

  • Relaxed focus
  • Calmness
  • Presence
  • Clarity
  • Energy
  • Better decision making
  • Happier state of being

Now after building my practice for over six years I’ve come to realize three simple keys that I like to use to make my meditations fun, simple and easy.

Here they are:

  1. Smile
  2. Focus on your breath
  3. Set a timer for five minutes or less.

You can think whatever thoughts come into your head and even do a terrible job – there is no standard here, set the bar as low as possible. If you just focus on doing these three things you will do great. And if you don’t you will still do great because these are just guidelines, not rules.

The reason they are helpful is because smiling will keep you playful and happy. Focusing on your breath will keep you in your body and out of your head. And setting a timer for five minutes or less will give you an intended goal and keep it short so you can get small wins to build on your success.

That’s it. Those are three simple guidelines I offer to you. You can use them or use some of them. They aren’t the answer to meditation. No guru has the answer. All gurus started off right where you are. The only thing that makes them a ‘guru’ is they stuck with it.

I hope this helps you in your meditation journey.

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Make it an epic day!


One of the many benefits about traveling is that you have to stay flexible as your environment is always changing which makes it challenging to stick with a consistent routine. Some would not call this a benefit haha. I’ll explain…

Routines are great to build a foundation and allow you to use your focus elsewhere because you can put many things on autopilot. Some of these things are having a gym to go to, quality healthy food source, ideal work space, transportation set up, etc. Each time you travel to a new place you have to start from scratch and figure out how get these things set up so you can continue to function at a high level.

The upside to this challenge is that it forces you to be resourceful and use what your environment offers you. It makes you much more creative which translates into other areas of your life. If you don’t have a gym; go for a run outside, do yoga in your room, do push ups, google a gym near you. If you don’t have your ideal work space; create one where you are, discover one close by, go to a local coffee shop or hotel.

What’s great is once you have this skill you are no longer limited by location. You can function anywhere with what you have which gives you the ability to move freely throughout the world.

Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned during my travels so far. From Italy, to Singapore, to Malaysia, Thailand and now Indonesia. I have become more attuned to them specifically because I have to be more flexible and creative with my resources as my environment is changing and I want to make sure I make the most of the places and time I have with them.

Be selective who you spend your time with.

Filter quickly who you decide to spend time with. This is true back home as well of course but especially when on the move. You make new friends and meet up with old friends. If they aren’t aligned with your purpose, values and outcome politely remove yourself and move on.

Learn from your mistakes quickly.

It is inevitable that you are going to make mistakes. Make sure you learn the lesson and don’t repeat it. The biggest mistake is dwelling on it, letting it drain your energy and not learning the lesson. If you don’t learn the lesson you are going to make the mistake again until you do.

Don’t make more mistakes just because you made one.

Just because you screwed up doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel and make five more bad decisions. The quicker you can dust the dirt off your shoulders, the less damage control. If you can correct asap, frame it as a win. You stopped the bleeding fast and are back on track.

It’s more expensive not to go all in.

Even if it’s more expensive for the option you really want to do, go for it. When you do the cheaper less exciting one you end up paying more because you don’t get the full ROI you want and still pay for it. Get the full ROI and move on to the next big goal.

It’s more expensive to think about it and procrastinate.

When booking a flight or deciding to take a jungle tour, instead of weighing out the pros and cons of time and money just decide on the one you want. The time, energy and focus that it takes away from higher ROI activities you could be doing isn’t worth the trade off.

Don’t let things build up.

If something or someone is bothering you. Communicate it to the appropriate parties. Sometimes that might be you being gut honest with yourself and simply doing something different. It saves you much time, energy and frustration vs. letting it fester until it all comes crashing down at an inconvenient time.

Set boundaries.

Not everyone can have access to you. Make sure you communicate that to people. Also make sure you set the time blocks for yourself for fun, business, friends etc. If you don’t life will take control for you.

There’s seven lessons I’ve learned and have gotten the opportunity to grow from. I hope you found value in some of them and encourage you to discover your own as you embark on adventures around this wonderful Earth we have been blessed with to call home.

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