Go For the Low Hanging Fruit

Go for the quick wins. Not to be lazy but to get momentum in your favor. Success builds on success. So the more positive reinforcement you can give yourself the more certainty you will have to go for bigger wins.

Have you ever noticed a basketball player who is not in the zone get back in the zone? What does she do? She goes for the easy baskets to get back in the zone.


Two free throws.





Short jump shot.

After only a couple of small wins she is back on track and can shift the entire momentum of the game. While most players try to get the big shots in, like 3 pointers or tough jump shots, and fall further behind…she is right back in it. By doing so she now has the momentum to take and make those big shots as well!

How can you apply this to what you do?

Whatever you’re EFFORTING on and you become stuck or don’t know what to do next, ask yourself what’s the simplest thing you can do now? Do that! You don’t always need to make big hits and the truth is they don’t come along that often. The deeper truth is that the big hits come from the accumulation of the small hits.

Go for the low hanging fruit. Build momentum. That’s how you crush it!

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