Questions Are The Answer

Are you good at asking questions? Not just to others but to yourself. Thinking is the process of asking questions.

If you don’t believe me, pause for a moment and notice your thought process right now. Are you asking yourself questions to come to a determination?

Your brain is a supercomputer and it will come up with answers for whatever question you ask it. Even if it isn’t true or makes no sense.

The first person you have to get great at asking questions is yourself. When you ask yourself good questions you do good things. If you’re not doing the things you want and producing the results you desire you aren’t asking yourself good questions. The problem is most of our thinking happens so fast and is subconscious most people aren’t even aware.

Most people ask questions like:

What’s wrong with me?

Why am I so bad at this?

Whose fault is it?

They are stuck in a problem frame mindset meaning they are asking questions focused on why the problem came about. We want to reverse it and start asking questions like:

Why am I so amazing?

What’s so great about this situation?

How can I make this even better?

These questions are in outcome / solution frame. They make your brain focus on positive solutions.

When you look at great entrepreneurs they are really good at asking questions. They can break down big overwhelming problems into bite size chunks they methodically solve.

The next benefit of asking great questions is for the people you are speaking to. Have you ever had someone ask you a great thoughtful question that gave you a great insight? Or maybe they asked you a question that made you see something in a way you never have before.

When you can ask someone a great question you have the ability to give them the gift of a new experience. This makes people value your presence in their life highly.

You can also ask people questions to influence them to get the outcome you desire. This is especially effective in a leadership position or a negotiation. Telling people what to do rarely works but influencing them with the power of a great question can make miracles happen.

What are some great questions you can start asking yourself on a regular basis in the different areas of your life? In your health, relationships, business, finances etc.

Ask yourself great questions with repetition and enthusiasm and your brain will start giving you amazing answers you never thought of before. Remember if you’re not getting good answers in life you just need to ask a better question. Questions are the answer.

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