Three of My Favorite Morning Habits

Here are three of my favorite morning rituals to kick off my day.


It clears my mind and centers me for the day. Rather than waking up and reacting to my emails, texts, people etc. it puts me in the drivers seat and sets me up to be above my day vs. racing to catch up. When you meditate you increase the grey matter in your brain which improves memory, sense of self, empathy and stress. One of the things I love about it is that it helps me slow down my experience of life and respond/perform at a much higher level than when I am not in a meditative state.

Gratitude walk

There is nothing like getting outside for some fresh air, connecting with nature and moving my body in the morning. Top it off with gratitude for another day of life and all of my blessings makes it a core pillar to start my day off in an epic way. I simply go for a walk and go over things I am grateful for. They can be big or small, current or from a long time ago. I like to mix it up and make it a game trying to come up with things I haven’t noticed before.

Free flow journaling

My goal is the write non stop for 15-20 minutes about whatever is floating around in my mind. It is similar to a meditation and very helpful to dump out my thoughts on paper. When I first started doing this I had a lot of resistance and the things I wrote down were absurd but that’s ok! The point of the exercise is to clear your mind and free it up for your upcoming day. If you can’t read it that’s ok too. You can throw out the journal when you’re done with it and nobody needs to read it, not even you. One of the biggest benefits I’ve gained from this is more flow and creativity in my day.

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