Appreciate The Things You’re Not Appreciating

One of the quickest ways to go from any unpleasant feeling or emotion is with appreciation and gratitude. If you’re angry, depressed, frustrated, etc. you can metabolize it into happiness, joy, excitement through the power of appreciation.

We all feel down sometimes and there’s nothing wrong with that. No emotion is wrong and they are actually action signals from our inner world. So it’s totally ok to sit with it and I would actually encourage you to feel and honor whatever emotions you are feeling, no matter how ‘negative’ they may seem.

Denying or repressing the emotion is not the goal. The goal is to honor the emotion and then if/when you are ready turn it into a more empowering emotion through the power of appreciation. The emotions aren’t good or bad. They do have energetic frequencies that we can measure though. People who are in low energy states such as depression, frustration or sadness show up much differently than people who are in high energy states such as joy, curiosity or excitement.

Most people are unhappy these days because the world is moving so fast and they are trying to keep up with all the achievements and advancements happening around us. We achieve one goal, enjoy it for a short period of time and then quickly move on to the next one. That pattern is what makes people unhappy because there is never enough and they are constantly focused on what’s missing. If they took some time to appreciate and notice all the abundant blessings around them they would be much happier.

Appreciation and achievement are on two sides of the same coin. To be great at either you must toggle back and forth between them. You need to stop and smell the roses on a regular basis to keep moving forward with zest and enthusiasm. You also need to have a grand vision of what’s not created yet so you can have something to pull you forward and appreciate once you make it a reality.

The first step to becoming a great appreciator is to make an effort to appreciate the little things you’re not noticing on a daily basis. Appreciate the way someone smiles at you. Train your mind to appreciate something new you’ve never noticed before. Appreciate the design of a piece of furniture in your room.

The next step is to appreciate the ‘bad’ stuff. Appreciate the things that are creating pain in your life. It may sound crazy and it might feel really hard to do in the moment you are going through it. If you develop the strength to appreciate the problems in your life you will begin to notice they are gifts showing up to make you grow and become more. This is when you become a true master of your emotions. When you can metabolize the ‘bad’ experiences into ‘positive’ ones.

Your problems become your gifts if you develop the daily habit of appreciating the things you aren’t noticing.

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