How Others Treat You is a Reflection of How They Treat Themselves

We’ve all been around people who are unfriendly or harsh without justification. It’s not a pleasant experience especially if one of those people is a family member or close friend you interact with on a daily basis. I used to think it was something I did or there was something wrong with me.

The truth is that it has very little to do with you and mostly has everything to do with what’s going on inside their head. If you observe how people interact with others it is simply a reflection of how they are communicating with themselves. When people avoid their internal challenges they tend to abruptly let them out on someone who has nothing to do with.

Rather than taking it as a personal attack and getting offended or fighting back you can learn to be curious, even playful with what’s going on with the person. I know it’s easier said than done when your emotions are involved. The neat part is once you become better at letting their reaction pass and give them the love the crave in the moment you will start to see them break that habit. You can be the stimulus that helps them transform their pain into a force for good.

It may take more than one time for this transformation to happen and you have no obligation to do this or be around the person. However, if you are up for the challenge it may take some repetition and consistency. Most likely they invested a lot of time and energy into this habit. The great part is there is a lot of energy that once transformed into a more empowering habit will be a magnificent gift for all involved.

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