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At Tony Robbins Date With Destiny event in Palm Beach, Florida – December 2019

How often do you attend an event where you immerse yourself in learning, growth and expanding beyond your current comfort zone? If you want to be successful in any area of your life it’s one of the best ways to compress decades of learning into days. There’s a few reasons why full immersion events are so powerful.

  1. You get to leverage the learning and expertise others have invested years and lots of money figuring out.
  2. You surround yourself with other like-minded people who are committed to growth which makes you elevate your game.
  3. The group energy magnifies your progress and you get exponential results.
  4. You meet high vibrational people doing amazing things that will stretch you to do more and become more.
  5. They break you out of your current routine and re-evaluate your next moves toward your peak.

I get myself to an event once every six months. I learned this ritual from my mentor Tony Robbins when I worked for him as one of his national speakers and corporate business trainers. He is constantly going to events and trainings to keep on growing. The events can be anything you feel will be useful for you to become the person you want to become. Here are some examples of events/experiences:

  1. Vipassana meditation
  2. Yoga retreat
  3. Any personal development seminar
  4. Ayahuasca ceremony
  5. Sound ceremony
  6. Burning man
  7. Mens or womens retreat
  8. Sign up for improv class

The hardest part for people is following through and actually going to the events. Most people say they will do it and then when it’s time to get up and go there is no action. The key is to schedule your events beforehand to lock them in. This commits you to go and you don’t get caught in the trap of falling from peak to trough and staying on a plateau. After the event you are naturally going to drop from the peak of being at the event. Most people fool themselves into thinking it didn’t work because they lose momentum and don’t feel as good after they are gone from the event for a few weeks. Then they plateau and stop going to events and eventually start declining their progress.

Schedule your events ahead of time and block out your calendar so you are committed to going. This way you’ll go from peak to peak. Make this a ritual in your life and you’ll see the benefits compound for you as the years pass and you’ll be living a life you and others never could have imagined.

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