The Power of Words

Our words are a linguistic representation of our inner experience. If you make a meaning that doesn’t serve you and attach a word to it, it can become a label that holds you back.

Often times people don’t even realize the words they use. And when they do they often discount the power of the word. Transformational vocabulary can have a HUGE impact on your life even though it may seem silly. One trick our mind plays on us is when we intellectualize the process, saying ‘we know’ and it’s not that big of a deal. And often times it may not be a big deal. Some things are so important you stick with the discipline no matter what. That’s why pilots review their checklist EVERY TIME they fly no matter how mundane and repetitive it may seem.

One word difference is a different life. One will make you feel unworthy, angry, sad and depressed. The other will pull you into gratitude and create momentum in your life. We make choices in words not understanding the impact they have.

I heard a story about a young woman who moved to South Sudan and started a school for orphans. To her it was an ‘accident’ and she believed she didn’t deserve it. Her belief system made her feel unworthy of her amazing efforts in service for others and she labeled it with the word ‘accident.’  With the help of a great coach she changed the word from ‘accident’ to ‘grace’. Her new meaning is that she was guided. She did the work from the pureness of her heart and she accepts her worthiness of the amazing work she did.

Most of us are more sensitive about what we say to others we love than we say to ourselves. Some aren’t sensitive to others they love and take for granted and say things to them that they wouldn’t say to a stranger.

Notice the power of your words when you say them to yourself. Say the word and notice how you feel. Also notice the power of your words when you say them to others and how they respond. The words you speak mold your experience of life. 

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