Cryotherapy with Landan Laurusaitis

A few years ago I was with my good friend Landan in Palo Alto learning about his new cryotherapy studio.  

Here are some of the benefits cold exposure according to the Wim Hoff Method:

Reduced stress levels

Higher level of alertness

More robust immune response

Increased willpower

Weight loss

You don’t have to start doing cold plunges and cryotherapy sessions right away. In fact I would advise against that. Start with a small habit, see if you like the results and then work your way up progressively.  

Practice by turning the water totally cold each day at the end of your shower for 30 seconds.  If you do that for 30 days and want my suggestion for a next step reach out to me on Twitter @naeemmahmood or comment below and I’ll give you one based on your goals, tolerance level and how intense you want to go with it.

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