Tools to Become Stronger, Healthier and Happier with Ray Dente

“Real food is the winner.”  – Ray Dente

Ray Dente @bonafidelifestyle is a fitness and nutrition performance coach in NYC.  We first met at the gym where I noticed his unique training process.  Both powerful and strong while at the same time in flow and gentle on the joints.  

We got to spend more quality time together last summer in Tuscany, Italy for a friends wedding where we went deeper in our philosophies around fitness and mindset.  

You can watch the full interview on the blog and on YouTube.

Here are some of the key takeaways from our time together:

Mental hygiene

It all starts in the mind to change your physical health

If you don’t believe you can change your body…you can’t

How many years young are you?

You’re not old.  You’re young.

Sense of awareness

Where are you right now in life?  Where do you want to be moving forward?

Update your belief systems

How does everything in your life make you feel wealthy?

Feeling good leads to looking good

Change mind, change belief system, change food

Always be open to learning things from people

Daily Actions

Have a schedule – a plan of action

Maintain same time frame

Put things in place 

Don’t have to do crazy workouts

Keep it simple – walk, cycle, jog, breathe

Start day off positive and rest of day follows suit


Limbic system – frontal cortex of brain

Adaptive hormones

Give your body physical and mental stimulus

Your body will adapt 

Ancestors lived by circadian rhythm of sunlight 

Sleeping helps with mood, energy, recharge your battery

Women have larger limbic system – can communicate at higher level than men

Why Ray thinks we should have a female president

Biggest class every monday morning is kickboxing – women attend to release from all the things they do for family over weekend

Support your local farmers

Find farm within 30 min and go there

Animals eating off land

Belcampo Meat Company – 100% regenerative farm – look after welfare of animals

Humane certified – only slaughter certain amount of animals each week/ month

Animals live an extra 9 – 12 months – exercising, roaming, eating what they should be eating

Veggies in all your meals!

Everyone has their own lane, stick in your lane


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Belcampo:  Organic, Grass-Fed Meat

Wild Choice Sea Food

Paddle Boarding

Episode notes:

Thought exercise Ray does at night before going to sleep [17:50]

Ray at farm with 1,000 cows [27:10]

Paddle boarding around Manhattan, NY four times [30:14]

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