Feel It To Create It

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress,

giving birth to evolution.” – Einstein

When you feel the state (emotion/s) you are after in the achievement of a goal you have a much higher probability of achieving it.

This doesn’t mean you will always achieve your goal.

And often times when you do achieve your goal it can be even better than you originally imagined.

“The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get.” – Jim Rohn

Some common examples of goals that apply to this and underlying states/feelings they are really after:

I want to be a millionaire > I want to feel free > What can you do to feel the freedom you want today?

I want to be in love with the person of my dreams > I want to feel love and happiness > How can you fall in love with yourself and this moment?

I want to travel the world > I want to experience adventure > How can you create an adventure in a smile?

I want to have six pack abs > I want to feel confident and sexy > What are areas in your life you do feel confident?

I want to build schools for children in Africa > I want to make a difference >How can you make a difference right now where you are?

These are all wonderful goals and by all means go out and create them if that’s what you truly desire. But most people get so attached to the goal and miss the point of why they really want them to begin with.

They usually are unhappy and stressed until they achieve it – if they ever do. And they don’t need to achieve the goal to feel that way right now in this moment.

We are walking biochemical algorithms and you can create that feeling right now with your imagination and some effort.

This doesn’t mean be a delusional dreamer and expect things to just happen without any work or effort.

This is the starting point and propels you to put in more work and effort because you feel it and believe it is possible to go create in the world.

When you come from the framework of happily achieving vs. achieving to be happy the process is much more enjoyable.

You go from push/stress to being pulled by an unlimited powerful force we all have the ability to tap into.

You are already there experiencing the feelings you want and from there you also have a much higher likelihood of hitting your target.

Talk is great but actions get the job done.

Just like exercising your muscles you have to exercise the muscles in your brain and nervous system.

So here are simple ways you can start making progress on these ideas starting now.

Act as if



As you become better and better at this you will start to be like an artist / architect / chef / coder (whatever analogy works for you) where you literally map out in your head what you want and bring it to life.

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