Self-Love Mastery with Josefina Bashout

I had a wonderful time talking with Josefina Bashout.  She is an expert in feminine empowerment and feminine energy.  She helps people get into their body through embodiment practices. Embodiment practices are similar to meditation and involves movement so you can drop into your body.

We discuss many amazing topics (listed below) as well as her focus on Self-Love Mastery for anyone who wants to go deeper in this area. We can all use some more self-love.

“Emotions are energy in motion – energy needing to move through you.” – Josefina Bashout

Highlights from the episode:

  • Feel and experience all your different emotions, feelings and sensations to help clear and move your energy
  • Change your state by embodying what you are feeling so any ‘negative’ feeling can leave your physical body and shift your physiology
  • How to recenter, refocus and get back into your heart
  • Movement practices to get into the feeling and movement of what’s actually happening in your body
  • The mind body continuum from your brain to your body
  • How is your relationship with your body?
  • You don’t need to hold onto emotion and how energy wants to burst and move
  • Emotion moves through you into a higher vibrational state….if you let it
  • How to experience more creativity in the moment
  • When you hold onto negative emotion you move into a lower vibrational frequency
  • How to become healthier, more adaptable and get an immune system boost
  • Become the master of your belief systems
  • Authenticity –  be authentic and real with what you actually need
  • Having sexual desire – not negating or shaming it 
  • Being the director of the play – your life’s movie
  • Consciously create your life from a heart-centered place
  • How to rewire and refire new pathways


Kundalini breathwork

Conscious Loving by Gay Hendricks

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

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Self-Love Mastery