Stephen Hilgart on Maximizing your Marketing

“If you had to do it you would do it.”  – Stephen Higart

I met @SteveHilgart while working for Tony Robbins.  He joined the team shortly after me and quickly improved his performance to become one of the top performers on the team.  

He was homeless on the streets of Chicago for two years.  He scraped together some money to go see Tony Robbins at his UPW event which helped him transform his emotions, psychology and strategy.  He went on to build three businesses.  First, a karate school which grew to be one of the largest in the US.  Second, an off-shore asset protection and corporate services company.  And third, a marketing and consulting company which he still runs today (sold the other two).  He also traveled to 65 countries of which he lived in 7.  

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Here are some of the key takeaways from our time together:

On success –  It doesn’t happen overnight – Takes years, decades of effort behind scenes

Economy will be dramatically different in next 6 months – Some jobs never coming back

Market doesn’t care what you need – It cares about what you can do for it

What’s your goal?  What are the habits you need to put in place to achieve it?


Become a salesperson

Find people interested in your products and services – every day

Get in front of people – make an offer

When you’re at your best what’s that word that encapsulates it

What’s the routine that puts you in that state?  

Reverse engineer how to get/feel where you want to be


We are in a golden age of entrepreneurship – you have to have a business

Feudal times.  Everyone had to provide some sort of value to the community.  Had to develop a skillset

Develop a talent

Why would someone want to do business with you?

Big companies becoming small and small ones becoming big (from a revenue standpoint – with less employees)

50 years of advancement in last 5 months with COVID/economy 

Disruption creates new opportunities

Two ways to create a business:

  1. Build or create something and convince ppl to buy
  2. Meet a lot of people ask them what they want and go create it for them

Three hangups in a business.  

  1. State
  2. Story
  3. Strategy

You can’t give your clients an emotion you don’t have 

Create your ideal work environment

Money problems don’t go away – just add more zeros

Build systems that work hard for you


Marketing process is 3 things

  1. Message to market match – right message to right people at right time
  1. Decent presentation of problem solving – show value and light at end of tunnel
  1. Amount of offers and quality of follow up

Amount of money you earn is in direct proportion to the amount of offers you make

How many times do you offer people your product or service?  Make enough offers and follow up – not everyone is always ready to buy the first time you offer them

Three pillars in business

  1. Growth formulas – top line revenue

Three ways to grow your business – get more customers, get them to spend more money, get them to come back more often

  1. Marketing and advertising – invest a little money in advertising and get a lot in return

How can you put the right message in front of the right people?

  1. The machine – the systems.  Go from business operator to business owner.  How do you replace yourself and free up your time?  Bottom line revenue (keep the money in the machine from falling out of the leaks and cracks)

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Episode Notes

Golden age of entrepreneurship [13:30]

BS mindset about entrepreneurship [15:16]

10 guys on deserted island story [16:33]

Two ways to start a biz [17:20]

Tony Robbins three hangups in a business  [19:45]

Step out of limiting story around money [21:15]

How to work [26:00]

Rule of three for marketing process [32:10]

Three pillars of business [38:03]

Three ways to grow a business [38:46]

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