Your Network is Your Net Worth With Ian Peters

Ian Peters was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. We met three years ago through a common friend. Sports was a big part of his upbringing, he played hockey and baseball. He then got into acting and modeling, which led to production work.

He later started his own production company- Dept. of Media, in downtown Toronto. It has been running for 15 plus years, expanded to New York and to Berlin.

Fun fact: He also managed to find himself in a role on the hit real estate TV series, Million Dollar Listing New York.

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Here are some of the key takeaways from our time together:

Thoughts on wellness, mind, body and better performance in work:

Rituals – Always active, a lifestyle of gym, fitness wellness, hockey.

A mindset of resilience and perseverance comes from the gym and transfers into the way we do everything else.

There is tendency to push a bit more for example on a deal that is not going right rather than easily bail out.

The habit of meditating strengthens the mind to be able to plan and visualize on how to bring things to a finish line.

Meditating, stretching, breathing, ability to calm down in the moment and manage things is very important.

Energy management- take negative energy in and don’t give it back or have things escalate, but rather slow down and be in control.

Ian’s production company Dept. of Media

Born out of modeling, acting and being on sets where curiosity for the camera and production work was sparked.

Inherited a Hi8 Camera from a friend which started him out on shooting footages and got him popular in camera work. It created a demand and people started paying for the services.

Thoughts on Black Lives Matter

Keep having the conversations because actions are being born out of them

Get educated on the subject

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Episode Notes:

Ian on Million Dollar Listing [20:30]

Black Lives Matter movement [40:37]

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