Value Your Work

When you start to value the work you create others will value it more also.  If you actively create content think of the ratio of how much content you produce vs how much you share it.  For most people it is heavily weighted toward the amount of content produced.  I was a master at this.  I would create video after video, blog after blog and only share it the one time I posted it.  

You want to reverse that.  Yes, it is great to create quality content for people.  Keep doing that.  Also start channeling some of that energy towards sharing and promoting your content.  Don’t keep it from the world.  You have a duty to share it with as many people as you can.  For every piece of content you produce share it four different ways and times.  

When you start valuing your stuff more it will have a bigger impact.  Life respects your respect for your work.

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