Inject Joy, Play and Movement in Life with Jacy Cunningham

“Being alive is a celebratory experience.” – Jacy Cunningham

Jacy Cunningham is a world renowned fitness coach and founder of The Jacy Method — where working out meets working in. It is a physical and emotional movement experience that helps people reflect and embrace every part of their being.

He has a passion to help humans redesign how they see themselves. He’s worked with clients such as Life Is Good, Mike Posner, taught classes for Nike during the 2016 Olympics and is one of the top instructors on Alo Moves.

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Here are some of the key takeaways from our time together:

How do we unwind from day and decompress from stress?

How do we wake up?

Joy and peace are accessible to you every day every waking moment

We can choose to express joy and be in peace

Learn to cultivate good practices from within

Turn your mess into your message 

Being alive should be an enjoyable experience

When we have expectations of how life should be we suffer 

Trying to fit in makes you stand out

Only way to enjoy your existence is to enjoy your existence 

Humble yourself to life

Nothing is certain 

The only certainty is that the ride is going to end

There’s always a thank you underneath the stress 

Thank you starts when you have breath in your lungs 

There’s a sacred energy behind movement

Listen to your body – slow down and tune in 

Stand in your authenticity 

Authenticity is your superpower

To be humble is to listen 

Get out of your routine

Do what you need to do…for you 

Treat your body with love instead of fear 

Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

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Scroll below for Links and episode notes:

Connect with Jacy Cunningham

The Jacy Method

Alo Moves

Summit Series

Episode Notes:

[11:30] wake up and say thank you 

[13:00] movement is a gift 

[17:55] can turn a window into a mansion real fast

[19:40] fall into the humble places 

[22:12] to be humble is to listen 

[25:43] wake up and be 

[26:14] revolution is won in the mirror every morning 

[29:48] morning marriage 

[31:30] morning love letter and dance 

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