The Cust D’Amato of Sales Leadership

“No one can motivate you, but you.” – Milton Olave

Milton Olave @MiltonOlave is a top sales expert and trainer transforming sales agents from average to top 3% income earners.  He trains sales people to perform at their best.  He’s often referred to as the Cus D’Amato (the manager and trainer of Mike Tyson) of personal growth and sales leadership.  He’s done over one billion in sales in partnership with sales legends Jay Abraham, Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins.  

You can watch the full interview on YouTube.

Here are some of the key topics and takeaways from our time together:

When things happen don’t go with them 

How COVID has improved Milton’s business

New millionaires are being created on daily basis

Latch on to your new story of greatness

Better questions to ask yourself:

What’s good about this situation?

How can you best prepare yourself?

How can you be at your best?

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Jay Abraham

Chet Holmes

Tony Robbins

Be the Message

Pedro Adao

Blue Ocean Strategy

Episode Notes

[2:42] New story of greatness

[4:48] Go through to next level

[8:45] Michael Jordan

[11:27] A – game

[12:28] What you feed your body

[14:48] Top performers do different things

[21:05] Be the message

[23:50] Blue Ocean Strategy

[25:57] Les Brown on failure

[27:18] No one can motivate you, but you

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