The Jerry Maguire of Wellness, Jess Pfeffer

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Jess Pfeffer is the founder of Real Connections SoFla. AKA Chief Connecting Officer. She has a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and certified yoga teacher training (RYT). Her passion has always been in serving the community through education and being a sense of inspiration.

A lot of reading, research, self-exploration, and working with health and wellness experts brought her to the idea of creating a holistic talent agency.

Her super power is creating a safe space for people to feel comfortable and be able to freely shine their lights and make the decision to live their best life.

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About Naeem Mahmood: Naeem is a world-renowned Peak Performance Coach and lifestyle entrepreneur. He graduated with honors from NYU where he studied economics and played on the basketball team.

He started his professional career working in private equity and then at a fund of hedge funds on Wall Street in New York City. From there he worked for a venture capital firm and then on a tech startup in Silicon Valley. After realizing the traditional forms of success in the forms of money, status and prestige wouldn’t bring him the fulfillment he wanted he started studying personal development. He worked for Tony Robbins as one of his top five national speakers and corporate business trainers. While working for Tony he travelled all across North America meeting with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and companies such as Google, Salesforce, Berkshire Hathaway, JP Morgan Chase and worked with them to optimize their business revenues but more importantly their mindsets and wellbeing. He shows entrepreneurs and business owners how to build prosperous and purposeful businesses structured around their ideal lifestyle.

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