Start Beyond Scarcity

The way to get beyond scarcity is to start beyond it.

There’s ppl who have it all and still feel like they don’t have enough and it will always be that way because there’s a bunch of holes in their mindset about what it means to be enough.

There’s also ppl who have nothing and feel like they are on top of the world.
These are two extreme examples on opposite ends of the spectrum. You can have both the internal abundance and the external abundance to reflect it.

To start beyond scarcity requires making an internal shift vs. focusing on making an external shift in your outer world, which is what most people try to do. Be there in your mind before it happens.

It may seem like a catch 22 because when you do it you still might seemingly have nothing in the external world. The cool part is that you are going to start pulling in the results you want in the external world to match your internal vibration much quicker.

The measurement of success shifts from what you have (external frame of reference) to the effort you put in (internal frame of reference). The only person who knows whether you put in 100% is you and that’s the only barometer of success.

When you start to evaluate your satisfaction of how good your life is based on the effort you invest in the specific area of life you are focused on, everything changes.

There’s no lack. There’s just a stacking of the effort you invest in yourself every day.

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