Serial Entrepreneur, Professional Athlete, and Hollywood Stuntman | Shea Lewis

I met Shea Lewis while sitting in the front rows at a Tony Robbins event. One of the coolest things that caught my attention was that he brought his mom to the event to grow with him.

Shea was one of Tony’s Platinum Partners. The Plats are a small group of about 200 ppl who pay roughly $100k/year to be part of Tony’s exclusive group where they take trips to amazing places around the world while Tony provides them with the experience and transformation of a lifetime.

Shea is a serial entrepreneur, professional athlete (snowboarding and skateboarding), and stuntman for film and tv.

He’s invested in various ventures worldwide that all have a common goal – to be exquisite and give extraordinary experiences.

A few of the topics we cover in our talk:

  • Why Shea closes deals with Hollywood execs at the skatepark and surfing in Malibu vs. sending emails and making calls.
  • Who you spend time with is who you become.
  • The language of business.
  • How Shea found and modeled his business mentors including his grandpa.
  • Fitness is directly correlated to the health of his business and how he can serve the planet.
  • 7 knee surgeries he went through to compete in the Olympics for snowboarding.
  • Get 1% better every single day.
  • Asking meaningful questions.
  • Committing to finding the result.

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