I Still Get Scared

I still get scared.  I actually feel more scared these days than ever in my life.  I used to pretend I didn’t have any fear because I thought that would make me seem more successful.  

The reason I feel more scared these days is because I am venturing into new territories in different areas of my life that I’ve never been.  I’m growing my business to levels I’ve never done before.  I’m learning to give and receive love in intimate/romantic relationship in ways I wasn’t very good at before.  I’m also learning to give and receive love from family, friends, clients, and strangers in ways I’ve never known.  

The only way I can do it is to admit my fear to myself and not deny it or pretend it’s not there.  And if I want to keep getting better and going deeper I’m going to need to continue that process.  Opening up to the fear and uncertainty.  Realizing that the obstacle in my path is the tool that will propel me toward the things I want.  

It reminds me of when I used to play basketball.  In the beginning of my career before games in college I’d get butterflies and the fear would build up and get in my way during games.  As I opened up to the fear I started using it in my favor to perform better.  I started to embrace it and actually enjoy the feeling.  I was able to transform the fear to excitement.  

And now I realize it’s the same with the new ventures I am working on in my life.  I’m looking forward to the problems to solve, the inevitable setbacks that will make me stronger, and the next seemingly insurmountable obstacles that show up in my life.  I remember the familiar pattern and know that the only difference between fear and excitement is a smile.  

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