People Are Watching YOU

I used to think my work was landing on nobody. I loved and still love creating stuff. I come from a family of artists and I am an artist at heart.

I’m also a business man and love thinking about how I can make things most efficient. When I experience something that is useful to me and believe it can be useful to others the wheels of innovation spin in my head on how I can share it with others.

When I started my business with the purpose of sharing my art that could help more people I was attached to the external indicators of success.

Did people respond to what I said?

Did anyone like my post?

Did people comment on my work?

Did someone buy my stuff?

How can I make this go viral?

Those were some of the questions I’d focus on.

In the beginning as with anything there is a learning curve of skill to become better.

I was stunting my progress by focusing on the wrong questions and comparing myself to the people who had been playing this game for many years and had a much higher level of mastery.

That would be the same as when I went snowboarding for the first time and seeing someone doing jumps down a black diamond hill and getting disappointed in myself.

I thought nobody cared and I was having zero impact on others.

The crazy part is that people actually were watching. Just not the people I was thinking in my mind. And my work was landing on them and helping them.

A person I’ve never met sent an email thanking me for my YouTube video on how to be a better reader.

A stranger in the gym said, “I love your work.”

A friend who I didn’t think even cared about my work said, “Thank you for that podcast episode.”

My nephew is a subscriber to my newsletter and it helps him navigate the new adult world he is growing into.

Little by little I started to focus on each individual I made a difference for. The fun part is there is a stacking effect that happens just like compound interest with money you invest. Not with money or followers in this case, but with impact on the lives you touch.

There are people who look up to us whether we realize it or whether we like it. And often times it’s not the people we think. Our work is valuable and impacting other people. Keep on showing it.

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