Success Is HARD

Success is HARD. For some reason we live in a culture where people want things to be easy.

It doesn’t help that clever marketers study your triggers to sell you magic pills, secret formulas, and hacks.

It’s not easy and it’s not supposed to be easy.

Even when people say you should do what you love, that doesn’t mean every moment of doing it is enjoyable.

I LOVE basketball. I HATED going to practice and running sprints at 6am. I LOVED the end result of performing at my highest level with my teammates in games.

I LOVE working out and being healthy and fit. I HATE that I have to build up the muscle I’ve lost over the year and transform some of the fat that I put on. I LOVE having more energy during the day and feeling stronger.

I LOVE helping clients transform their lives with my business. I HATE making sure my team and I hit our numbers every day, week, quarter, and year to make sure we continually get to serve new people who need our help. I LOVE when clients thank us and share tears of joy and gratitude for our combined efforts.

If it was easy you’d be bored and you wouldn’t appreciate it.

If it was easy you wouldn’t grow or feel like you’re making progress.

If it was easy you’d be looking for a new challenge.

If it was easy you might achieve success but you’d be unfulfilled.

Don’t wish any of it was easier. Focus on getting better. Each new day is a gift for you to work on your craft.

It’s a law of life for things to get harder as you grow to new levels. Life will keep pushing back on you to test your resolve.

Keep pulling through 🔥


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