Why Hire A Coach?

Why would I hire a coach if all the information is out there on the internet for free?

I’m often asked this question by people.

And I’ve had the same thought and waited to hire a coach.  I learned the hard, expensive way too.

You can try the approach of doing it on your own.  For most ppl it’s the more expensive approach. 

* It costs them  more money. 

* It costs them emotional frustration and doubt. 

* The biggest cost is the lost time they can never get back. 

A lot of people have misconceptions of what coaching is.  I did too.  A big part is because there are so many coaches out there with massive degrees of skill.  Many simply read a book, went through a program, or went to an event and then took a course on how to sell a coaching course to make money online. 

So as with everything there are lots of bad examples and few great examples.  You have to do your research just like finding the right doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc.  It is also trial and error with different coaches until you find the right one. 

What coaching is not:

* Coaching is about your coach being better than you.

* Coaching is not therapy.

* Coaching is not consulting or advising. 

* Coaching doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with or you’re broken. 

* Coaching is not someone telling you the answers.

* Coaching is not a magic pill where your coach does the work for you.

So then what does a great coach look like? 

* A great coach is skilled at listening.

* A great coach is skilled at asking thoughtful questions.

*  A great coach has done the work on themselves and has been down the road you’re venturing. 

* A great coach knows when and how to be hard on the pattern while still loving on you.

*  A great coach measures and tracks your stats to ensure you arrive at the results you’re after.

* A great coach doesn’t project their belief systems and values on you. 

I don’t care if you know intellectually what to do.  I care if you are doing what you know.

We all know that person who says, “I know” when we are giving them advice on something they keep dropping the ball on.  We’ve all been that person too!  I have been and am still sometimes that person.  That’s why I have a coach to call me out on my BS – belief systems. 

According to Trust For America’s Health, the U.S. adult obesity rate stands at 42.4 percent, the first time the national rate has passed the 40 percent mark.

Is it really that hard to be fit, let alone maintain a general level of health?  Virtually everyone knows how to be healthy and fit.  And if they don’t know they can go find the free information on the internet right?

If you know it, but you don’t do it, you don’t actually know it.


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