Sales Leadership

I was on a sales call today with someone interested in becoming a coach.

He filled out an application to apply for my performance coach certification program.

The first call I do with people to make sure it’s a fit is meant to be brief.

You can think of it as a quick diagnostic test to learn more about their problem and see if my company can help them with it.

After I finished the process it was clear that my offer can help him with his problem and get to where he wants to go.

The next step was to schedule the next call to take a deeper dive into what he wanted and share with him more detail about my program and determine whether it aligns with his outcomes.

When I proposed a few time slots for us to talk next he said, “Aren’t you going to tell me about the program?”

I said, “Yes, on our next call.”

He said, “Is this some kind of sales tactic?”

Me, “No, it’s the process I have to in place to make sure I can help the people who apply for the program. Would you like to schedule the next call?”

He scheduled the call.

Don’t let the prospect call the shots. Respect yourself, your company, and your process.

The customer is not always right. And not everyone gets the privilege to work with you.

And often times what’s best for them isn’t what they think or know. They will often fight and resist to stay in their comfort zone.

If they knew how to solve their problem they wouldn’t be on the phone with you.

They will respect you and they will realize how badly they need your offer.


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