I was on a coaching call with a client today and she told me she didn’t feel very confident about the new program she created.

She just finished it and hadn’t taken anyone through it yet.

I asked her what would it take to feel more confident?

She said she’d feel more confident if she took more people through the program already.

If she did that she would have the competence to feel more confident.

She was in a catch 22 situation.

It reminded me when I started working for Tony Robbins at age 27 and was coaching business owners who were many years older than me.

How was I supposed to coach them on how to improve their business?!

I was younger than them and had less years of experience in business than them.

I lacked major confidence because I felt I didn’t have the competence.

One way Tony helped me reframe this was by asking the following question.

What if you allow yourself to be confident before you are competent?

That’s what he did when he first started in his career in his late teens.

He had no college degree and was broke and he felt incompetent and had no confidence.

He made the shift and confidently started ACTING AS IF he were competent and he started to become more and more competent.

That’s what I did and the same thing happened for me.

If you give yourself permission to be confident do you think your ability to acquire the skills to become more competent increases or decreases?

It INCREASES of course!

I use this concept when I’m learning any new skill.

Whether that’s surfing, cooking, or trading cryptocurrencies.

My client is using it now.

And you can use it too.

What could happen if you allow yourself to be confident before you are competent?


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