Meaning Machine

One of my biggest limiting stories was that I shouldn’t become too successful at anything I do.

It was ok to be good. I should be good but not too good.

I was in the middle where it was safe.

“Be humble.”

“Enjoy life and don’t try so hard.”

“People will be jealous of me and try to take me down.”

“Be careful because if you fail it’s going to be a big fall.”

“You’ll lose connection with those you love most if you make them look bad compared to your success.”

“Don’t leave those you love most behind, you have to take them with you up the mountain of success.”

Those are all BS stories.

Not the BS you might be thinking about.

The BS I’m talking about is my belief systems.

That’s what I had to take control of and I am grateful I did.

They are the command center of virtually everything we do in life.

And yet most of us don’t take the time to learn how to operate this command center.

When you do you get to consciously start to be the maker of meanings in your life.

We are all meaning making machines.

Is it time for you to take control of your meaning making machine?


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