You Are Right There

One of the most painful things that I sometimes experience in my work is when someone is about to make the decision to change their life and they change their mind.

Or even worse is when someone has already committed and paid and then backs out asking for a refund.

They literally changed their mind about changing their life without knowing it and it kills me knowing they are just millimeters from having what they want in their life become a reality.

The crazy part is you can’t convince someone logically about this.

It’s a belief that made them change their mind.

It’s a belief that has them stuck where they currently are.

Beliefs don’t always make sense.

And beliefs have the power to create magic and they also have the power to destroy.

Their reason usually revolves around two things.

Time and money.

They are thinking with an enough mindset.

There’s never enough time.

There’s never enough money.

The truth is there’s more than enough when we harness a resourceful mindset.

It’s a matter of deciding and committing.

Was there a time you didn’t think something was possible because of time or money but you didn’t let that stop you?

I’m sure you’ve had many of those moments and you’ll have more as you continue to grow and expand to greater challenges.

You just have to resolve that the thing is done from within before you go out and actually do it.

There’s no other option.

You won’t accept any other alternative.

That’s the difference that makes the difference.

If you’re in a tough spot right now, you must understand that you are also very close to taking things to the next level.


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