Money Is A By-Product | Bill Bloom

Bill Bloom is the founder of Bloom Financial Company.  He helps individuals and business owners understand their current financial situations, define future goals, and develop a strategy that is flexible and will allow them to reach their financial objectives.  Bill helps clients “Retire as You Desire” by providing them with meaningful strategies to a wide range of financial matters including: investments, risk management, tax planning as well insurance needs analysis.

He holds “Retire as You Desire” educational events for clients and guests on a regular basis. Bill believes that when clients truly understand the financial landscape of retirement they make better informed decisions about their retirement planning.

Bill and his wife, Jude, love traveling and trying new restaurants in Chicago.   An avid sailor, he is a member of the Chicago Yacht Club and serves on their Board of Directors.  Bill is also the Treasurer for the Chicago Yacht Club Foundation, which focuses its time to help underprivileged children get out on the water.  Being on the water is one of his favorite activities; he was among eight Chicago sailors that won the Antigua International Race Week competition and each year he participates in the Race to Mackinac.

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