Deconstructing Fear With Brandon Webb

“People put their insecurities on us all the time” – BW

Brandon Webb @brandontwebb is a combat-decorated Navy Seal Sniper, visionary entrepreneur, aircraft pilot, and multiple New York Times bestselling author. 

He built two media brands into 8 figure businesses.  

He was also head instructor of Navy Seal Sniper School and took a 30% failure rate to almost 0% while increasing the difficulty level! 

We first met in Rincon, Puerto Rico through our mutual friend Jairek Robbins.

What I noticed about Brandon was that he was super humble and kind even though he’s a badass in so many different realms of life.

Among his other NYT bestsellers, The Red Circle and Among Heroes, he has a new book coming out Steel Fear.

A few of the many great topics we cover in the podcast:

  • How he helped his friend Kamal Ravikant from being deathly afraid of swimming to doing cannon balls in the deep end in less than a week
  • Mental management tools
  • Brandon’s 2am great white shark night dive to free up his boat anchor
  • Tools to deal with adversity and naysayers
  • How to overcome self-limiting barriers
  • Our relationship with fear

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People who pre-order will be invited to an exclusive zoom call with Brandon and John David Mann.

Connect With Brandon:
Brandon’s Website

Other great books by Brandon:
Among Heros
Red Circle
Mastering Fear

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