No Excuses Only Investment with Justin Breen

“Abundance Mentality Is The Only Mentality!!!” – Justin Breen

Justin Breen is a connecting superhero who transforms lives for visionary-, investment-, abundance-mindset entrepreneurs and shares their stories with the world.

He is a simplifier of ideas and has no time for fluff, hence his mantra of only working with people who are committed to invest. This doesn’t have to do with how much money someone has and everything to do with the level of commitment someone has.

Justin’s word for 2021 is “Connected”. 

It represents his desire to be a better partner in every relationship he has, personal and professional. 

In the podcast we discuss:

  • Everyone is born with a story
  • Why he writes a grateful journal to his wife each morning and one to the clients he interacts with at the end of each day
  • How he went from being a journalist to turning his business BrEpic into a public relations powerhouse working with amazing visionary clients around the world with no prior business experience

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A great tool I got from Justin:

If you’d like, feel free to share with me what you think our current Relationship Score is…(-2) Resentment, (-1) Resistive, (0) Co-existence, (1) Collaborative, (2) Co-Elevating. Tweet me


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