Love Your Craft

I remember when I first started speaking on the psychology of peak performance for business owners.

I was the new guy on the team and that meant I got the less desirable assignments.

That meant I spoke usually with smaller audiences of 5 to 10 people and many times even less showed up.

It also meant I had to drive longer distances outside of the city in the middle of nowhere.

I had to show my worth and earn the better gigs with large audiences in the city.

What did I learn?

Every person matters.

Even if it was a talk with 3 people 200 miles away I was grateful to put in my best effort to make a difference in their business.

When I made that shift my performance improved and so did their results.

More people heard about me and wanted to hire me and I was given the talks everyone wanted.

I still treated them the same as the talks with only a few people and I still took the smaller talks when they came up.

If you do your job at the highest level with one person you will be given the opportunity to do it with more people.

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