Power Up

I’d fly to a new city every few months and my job was to generate new business.

I didn’t know anyone and had to go out and build new relationships from scratch.

In the beginning I thought I was in over my head and felt like throwing in the towel many times.

I would literally knock on doors of business owners I’ve never met with the goal of booking a meeting to help them grow their business.

Rejection became my new best friend.

Persistence, playfulness, and repetition were my secret weapon.

After I kept showing up to the same office after multiple no’s business owners started to see the example in me that they wanted their team to demonstrate to clients.

I became really good at walking into offices, setting appointments with business owners, delivering massive value, and closing deals.

It felt like a superpower when I first got good at it because I learned how to make money whenever and wherever I was.

If you’re struggling to generate more sales for your biz or if you’re struggling to find a job you can turn it around. You don’t need to wait for your external circumstances to change.

All it takes is learning a certain skillset and putting in the effort to master it.

What’s great is that in today’s virtual environment you can do this all from your device and you can do it in person or a combination of both.

It’s not easy. It takes hard work like all great things in life.

The question you have to answer for yourself is…..

Would it be worth it to learn some new skills be able to create economic prosperity in any environment?

If it is drop a comment below “Power Up”

Let’s go.

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